The First Look

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In honor of attending a wedding this weekend I figured I would recap one of my favorite parts from my wedding, the first look.

First looks have become very popular within the past few years and for me, it was one of the biggest debates I had with myself when I was planning our wedding. As someone who was not a traditionalist when planning their wedding, I was confident that I did not want to do a first look and wanted to do the traditional thing and not see Drew until the big moment came of walking down the aisle.

However when the time came to set my timeline for the day, I soon realized that it was not going to be possible. Since we had our ceremony beginning at 5:30 and I wanted certain sunlight shots, we were going to have to take photos prior. I may have had a small bridezilla meltdown at this moment but when the day came, a first look was the best decision I ever made.

Drew and I arrived separate to our venue, him with his best man and me with my maid of honor. I decided if we were going to do a first look I didn't want any of the bridal party or family around to see, I wanted it just to be us, the photographers and our BM and MOH, for primping purposes
. When I got there Drew was already in place standing amongst the vines and I couldn't wait to see him. The first photo above is my most treasured photo from our first look. Drew caught a glimpse of me in the photographer's sunglasses and started to become emotional and was trying to pull himself together.

As I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned around I was greeted with the biggest smile. After 8 years together, a year and a half engagement the day had finally come, it was real, we were getting married.

There were tears, laughter and excitement. It was just the two of us and it was perfect.

Once the wedding festivities commence you don't get that much time to just enjoy each other and by doing the first look without others around, we got to do just that. It also allowed our photographer to get so many more wonderful photos, photos we would not have had time for if we had waited.

What are your thoughts on doing a first look?

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  1. Oh my heavens this is so sweet! Absolutely lovely!

  2. Your pictures are stunning! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Oh my word, I love the sunglass story! I was wondering about that first photo! I definitely want to do a first look - I think it's just so special.

  4. This still makes me cry!!! 😭😍


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