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I was able to ween myself off of coffee for about a month because the coffee in my office was terrible, I don't have a coffee pot at home and I'm too cheap to buy coffee every morning. Well let's just say, I'm back on my coffee kick thanks to creamer but to be honest, I'm not mad about it.

We finally  made it to Friday though after what felt like the longest week ever. Let's get into some Friday Favorites.

Thanks to Blogger, it stores all the photos you've ever used in a blog post. Let's just say I took a nice trip down memory lane the other night.

1.Kolby used to go everywhere with me. Then we got his brother Max and now he has to stay home.
2.Drew & I at my Mom's wedding.
3. My little brother and I when our sweet niece, Harper was born.
4.  When friends & family come together for a day at the wineries in southern IL.

There's seriously nothing better than looking back at photos throughout the years and remembering all the fun memories.

If you haven't watched THIS video that Nev Shulman and his fiance made about the lack of (none) paid maternity/paternity leave in the United States. It's so sad that when couples are trying to plan a family they have to make sure they have built up enough vacation and sick leave. I'm not having a baby anytime soon but this is something that definitely upsets me.

This recipe I made Tuesday for dinner. Anything in the crockpot is automatically a win in my book.

This weekend we will be prepping for a quick trip to St. Louis next weekend for a college friend's wedding! We're so excited to see everyone from college and to see my parents for the day! Also, when your husband wakes up and says he wants to go shopping for fall decor and buy pumpkins this weekend, you know you married a good one.

My strong-willed & sassy (just like her Aunt May) niece turns 4 on Sunday. I still remember like it was yesterday, the day that she was born, it was love at first site. She'll never understand how much joy and happiness it brings me when I hear her say "Aunt May May, I love you" or "Where's Uncle Drew, I want to talk to him". I hate that I live so far away but I'm so grateful to our Sunday Skype dates and our evening phone calls. Happy Birthday sweet girl. 


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  1. Woohoo for your St. Louis trip!!! You definitely got a good one if he is suggesting to get fall décor. :)


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