Pass Me The Wine: It's Friday

6:52 AM

Actually just pass me the bottle because it's been one of those weeks! Have you ever had a week where your days have been extremely busy but they just drag on which causes the entire week to drag on? That was mine.  I'm in serious need of some good wine recommendations so ladies let me hear them!

Let's talk about dog safety. Monday evening I was taking out Kolby & Max for their evening walk. We live in an apartment complex where we have very defined pet policies. As I'm walking my properly leashed babies an unleashed german shepard runs out from an apartment whose door was wide open and attacked my sweet 20 pound baby Kolby. I've thanked the universe everyday sense then that he wasn't seriously hurt and only had minor abrasions. BUT people, if you live somewhere, where there are policies put in place for animals ABIDE BY THEM! The apartment owner just had their first floor patio door open which allowed their animal the opportunity to break free and cause harm. Leash your animals and pick up their poop. Being a responsible pet parent is not hard. I firmly believe if you can't leash or clean after your animal you have no business having one.

Since the attack I've rushed home everyday after work to be with Kolby and Max which means I haven't been grocery shopping which really means we have no food. Is it odd that I'm excited to sit down tonight and write out my list to go shopping tomorrow. Who am I? 

True life: I put on my blanket scarf to wear this morning.
Truer life: It's supposed to be 90 degrees today so I took it off and put on a vest instead....

I've been married for a year and a half and have been fortunate enough that I haven't had to deal with people asking me when we're going to have children or telling me I should have children. Well that streak ended the other night when I was talking to my little brother and he felt the need to tell me that it was time for me to have children; our parents needed a grandchild and he wanted to be an uncle.  When I told him he was crazy and that I have fun trips planned next year and that a baby just wasn't in the cards anytime soon he called me selfish to which I replied, "Yes, yes I am" and that my friends is okay. So, sorry not sorry William.

Baby Megan & William circa 1994

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  1. Oh no! Poor dog! That is so frustrating and scary... and what a cutie. I love those photos. If anything ever happened to either of my dogs, I'd be feeling just like you!

    Wow, I can't believe you got called selfish for that! My son is almost two and we've been asked many times when we'd be having a second. We actually have been holding off because my hubby and I are taking a vacation in November. Maybe that's selfish to some people, but we want a week off together to relax before we add another little one. I don't think it's selfish. I think we all need to take time out to do things that are important to us!

  2. Poor pup! I call Emma our dogter so I know how it is! Wine rhymes with everything in my opinion :) love it!

  3. I just followed you on Insta @ LindsaysSweetWorld! Hope you have a great weekend, girl!

  4. Awww that makes my heart hurt for you. Poor little Kolby. Omg I bet you were petrified honey. You are such a great little mama. 😚❤😚

    1. It was so scary! Surprisingly I didn't cry or have a meltdown and I thank my adrenaline for that. I felt bad for Drew when I called him, I was freaking out! LOL

  5. So glad your sweet pup is ok! You had a pretty good streak lasting a year and a half....someone literally asked me when we got back from our honeymoon. It was downhill from there. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. Oh no! That is so frustrating that people don't abide by those rules! What the owner of the German Shepherd say?

    I've been married for two and a half years and we are constantlyyyy getting the question about kids!! So annoying!

  7. Your poor pup - glad it was only minor abrasions but so scary!


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