Let's Confess

7:01 AM

Happy Thursday friends! Once again my week as FLOWN thanks to a lot of projects and events taking place at work. I got on to read some blog this morning while I enjoyed my morning coffee and decided to throw up a confessional post.

I confess...

-Today is my Friday! Holla! Drew & I are headed to a wedding this weekend and we're headed out tonight.

-I can't help but laugh at my dog Max. This poor baby get's awful anxiety when the suitcases come out and we start packing. Last night as we were packing he was jumping into the suitcases, trying to prevent us from getting the job done. It was so adorable but sad at the same time. -- For the record Kolby & Max are coming with us --

-I became the bad Mom for laughing at that poor baby. Maxi worked himself up into such a tizzy, he woke Drew up around 3:00 a.m. needing an immediate trip outside (which is something that never happens). I married a good man, he was worried that Maxi was going to get sick again so they both stayed in the living room and slept on the couch to be close to the door and so Kolby and I could sleep. I walked into the living room this morning to find Drew still asleep on the couch but Maxi was on top of the suitcase asleep, holding his ground.

- I realized this morning I was out of a travel size body lotion. So I might have pumped some form my big bottle into a tiny tupperware container to bring with me this weekend.

- I almost left a passive aggressive note on someone's car yesterday for their inability to park. I had to shimmy in between my car and theirs to unlock my car, shimmy back out then climb through the passenger side to get in.

- I secretly wish I could play the banjo. I listen to a lot of alternative music, Alt Nation on XM is a fixture in my station line up. I'm currently obsessing over this band called Judah & the Lion and they incorporate banjos into all of their songs, yes please!

- I whined to my Mom like a small child to persuade her to bring me pizza this weekend. Back story, where Drew & I are from in Illinois there is a  pizza place with several locations owned by different members of a family. It is our favorite and we haven't had it since our wedding rehearsal! People, that was over a year ago.  I might have begged her to bring us a small one just so we can get a little taste of heaven to hold us over until we're home at Christmas.

- I'm ready to Christmas decor. I know I'm one of those crazy people.

- I loved taking a trip down memory lane and looking at wedding photos yesterday. If you haven't already check out my blog post on Our First Look.

So what do you confess?

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  1. I always want a specific pizza place when I am back home, too! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

  2. I love pizza, so if it is special, I would ask for it too. Sounds like you have an amazing weekend planned. I love long weekends away. My pup gets whiny and scared when the suitcases come out too. We have to pack in a room without him and then bring it out when we leave. It is hard. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Oh my gosh, your dog! So cute! One of my dogs is a nervous nelly too and was sleeping in my suitcase before our honeymoon - ha!


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