Easy Appetizers For A Dinner Party

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I love dinner parties, hosting and attending. Put me in a room with great people, good wine and delicious food I'll be happy as can be. The thing I don't love is difficult and time consuming food prep and clean up. Anything that I can make that is simple but still delicious with minimal clean up time and more primping time is right my alley. Another thing I love is easy to eat bite sized food that I can eat with my fingers or off a skewer. So off to our local Fresh Market I went to see what I could find.

Let me introduce you to the EASIEST bruschetta and antipasto skewer recipes you will ever make. You will be a hit amongst your friends and you may or may not catch your husband sneaking into the fridge for some before the party nibbles. These two recipes will have you spending less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying yourself.

First up, antipasto skewers. If you love salty and sweet flavors mixed together then this is the appetizer for you! The sweet peppers along with the blue cheese stuffed olives give you the perfect flavor combination.

Putting food onto skewers is not only fun to make but even more fun to eat. Your party goers will love keeping their hands clean while not having to use utensils with these easy to pick up bites.

If you're like me and love tomatoes then the bruschetta is for you. As a kid I may or may not have been notorious for going into the garden and eating a freshly picked tomato before washing it. I also love garlic and I probably over add it to everything I make, my poor husband.

To save some time on the bruschetta bites, I bought the baquettes pre-prepared. Fresh Market has a wonderful bakery and they were made fresh that morning so I knew they were going to be better than anything I could come up with. 

There you have it! The 2 easiest appetizers that will be a hit with any crowd.

What appetizers do you like to make for parties? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to follow along for more fun recipes!

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