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Rain, Rain Go Away; Come Again Another Day!

Rain - It's in the forecast for south Louisiana for the next week basically. After living in south Texas for 3 years where there was a severe drought for 2.5 of those 3 years you can imagine my amazement with how much it rains here! I used to long for a simple thunderstorm to happen but it never came nowadays there is a thunderstorm at least every other day!

Since I live in a flood zone now, you can imagine how hard it is for me to dress for the rain. So I took the ever so faithful Pinterest to get some rainy day outfit ideas.

Work, work, work, work,work

I have the hardest time putting together an outfit that's durable for the rain but still work appropriate. My office is business casual and it depends upon the day on how casual you can go. I have a pair of Hunter rain boots and they are truly worth the investment but I have the hardest time pairing them with an office appropriate outfit so I love the options shown below with rain boots. I also love the 3rd look that would be more appropriate for casual Friday, it's comfortable but still work appropriate and perfect for a light rainy day.

Sweet Summertime

One thing I haven't invested in is a good rain jacket. With two little boys (dogs)  to walk, I'm realizing that this is going to be something I need to invest in next. Typically when walking Kolby & Max I throw my boots on with a pair of athletic shorts, so I am loving these casual looks that you can wear out in public.

Fall - la -la -la

As mentioned in the beginning I live in south Louisiana so Fall is basically  non-existent but I love wearing great transitional pieces that can be fall like without suffocating you because, you know - heat.

All outfits + links can be found on my Pinterest page.

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