10:07 AM

Happy Monday friends! On the way to work this morning I cranked up the 90s on 9 station on XM and belted out every song that came on. If you need to get motivated for the week ahead of you, I recommend doing that.

Our weekend was low key and just what we needed. After traveling last weekend and looking ahead to our upcoming weekend we are going to busy so we spent our time together, running errands and relaxing!

1. I was on the hunt for mums and to look at pumpkins. I couldn't find any mums I liked so I left without both. I will find some soon!

2. While looking for Fall decor, I couldn't help and admire the Christmas decor that is already being set out. I won't lie I LOVE Christmas and would put my tree up tomorrow if I could. I tried to buy some decor on Friday night at TJ Maxx, Drew told me I was crazy so I put it back. I did however have him convinced to buy a new Christmas tree on Saturday but he lucked out because I couldn't find one I liked.

3. Homemade Mint Julep courtesy of my husband. He even made the simple syrup himself! He's a good one I tell ya!

4. Drew is a massive Chicago Cubs fan so we spent Friday & Saturday night watching baseball + I just love postseason baseball. I'm a St. Louis Cardinals fan myself but I can't help to admit that I'm cheering for the Cubs to go all the way (also the Cards are out, boo). I even told Drew if they make it to the World Series I'll wear Cubs gear.

Go blast some 90s pop & have a great week!

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  1. I was rocking my Cubs hat this weekend - I got two random go cubs and then one person telling me to take it off. :)

  2. 90s music is the BEST! Nsync came on the radio over the weekend and my husband was NOT into that at all while I was singing and dancing - haha.

    1. I'm a total NSYNC girl so I fangirl out every time they come on - my husband thinks I'm ridiculous - but I don't care! LOL

  3. A homemade mint julep with homemade simple syrup.....?!?! Your hubby certainly does sound like the best!! Can he come train my fiance to do the same with a moscow mule? : )

    1. Mine makes a great moscow mule as well so most definitely!


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