Rain - You're Killing My Weekend Vibes

9:40 AM

All of a sudden I blinked and it was Friday already. Did this week fly by for anyone else? Let's get right into this week's Good Week, Bad Week. (If you're unsure what that is click here & read last week's here.)

Bad Week

Feeling of sickness started to creep up on me yesterday afternoon. So I high-tailed it to Walgreen's for some EmergenC. That stuff is the best and I love that there is so many flavor options. Nobody has time to be sick right now so I'm currently doing everything in my power to keep it away.

Good Week

I had an entirely different good week moment written but something trumped it. If you've watched the news or weather at all today I'm sure you've heard about the severe rain fall that is happening in Louisiana right now. This morning I woke up thinking I was headed to work even though there was a flash flood warning in place, got to work only for it to close and they send everyone home. So here I am sitting on my couch, in my comfy clothes cuddled with my 3 boys watching the Olympics, hello 3 day weekend!

The rain and flooding is very scary right now so please say a prayer, send positive thoughts or whatever you may do to the state of Louisiana. We are lucky to be safe and the flooding not be too bad in our area but some areas and towns are seeing a lot worse. #turnarounddontdrown

Friday Thoughts & Favorites

1. Drew & I had an impromptu movie date this week and it was wonderful. If you haven't seen Bad Mom's yet GO SEE IT! It's husband approved even though you may have to drag him there. I also posted this week about how we keep date night/day exciting and fun. Check it out here!

2. This will be our first SEC football season we've ever experienced so I have been on the hunt for some purple and gold outfits for this fall. We have some great local boutiques here in the Capitol City and I am obsessed with some of the looks they are posting on their social media. I'm so excited to cheer on the Tigers and see what LSU football is all about!

3. Olympics - enough said. I think I get just as excited for the small countries who are winning their first medals as much as I do when USA wins.

4. Yuengling made it's way to Louisiana and it's a glorious thing. It has taken over our beer fridge and we're not mad about it.

These two. Max and Kolby wish you all a wonderful weekend!

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  1. So nice you were able to stay home today - the reasoning is definitely scary, though!

  2. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  3. I'm SO excited for college football... we are counting down the days!! We are HUGE Georgia fans and there's nothing like college football in the south!!

  4. Glad you are safe honey. We just got home from panama city beach and the last few days the rip currents were horrible! Every night from like 11-3am it would pour


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