Weekend Roundup

4:50 AM

Happy Monday friends! Did anyone else think this weekend flew by? It really is true when they say "time flies when you're having fun" because the Cantwells had a great weekend!

Drew picked me up from my office on Friday and we went straight to happy hour at one of our favorite bars, The Bulldog where we met up with his coworkers. We love The Bulldog because it has a great beer selection, perfect outdoor patio and it allows dogs seriously 3 of my favorite things all in one place. After a few beers, we picked up some Taco Bell on the way home and we were in bed asleep by 9:30. Apparently we can't hang anymore and to be honest if I'm out too late then I am worthless the next day, can you say grandma status?

Saturday morning was a quiet and relaxing morning. Drew was up early to head to a couple of car shows with some friends and I took my time getting ready for the day. There's nothing I love more than getting ready at your own pace knowing that you can take your time and you have nowhere to be.

These sweet babes are just like their dad when it comes to me taking pictures of them, they HATE it. But seriously how cute are my boys?

After our mini photo shoot I headed to the store where I was on the hunt for ingredients to make bruschetta and antipasto kabobs for dinner with friends. Recipes and pictures on the blog tomorrow on how to make the easiest + delicious appetizers ever!

Dinner plans ended up changing and to be honest we weren't mad about it because it meant more bruschetta and antipasto kabobs for us to enjoy for ourselves! We love food & we love good food! Speaking of food, this is what Drew and I split for dinner at a new restaurant called Roux 61.

I give you a seafood stuffed baked potato.  If you're questioning if that is the exact portion size of 1 entree, that is indeed the portion size of 1 entree.  This thing consists of 2 large potatoes put together stuffed with crab, shrimp, oysters and crawfish topped with a white wine lobster cream sauce. After a 1/2 dozen chargrilled oysters, an amazing side salad plus half of this potato (I could only finish half of my half of the potato) Drew was rolling me out of the place because I was stuffed but it was all so amazing!

We knew after dinner we weren't ready to go home yet so we decided to check out this new arcade called Quarters. We were pleasantly surprised when we got there to see this place was huge with a full restaurant, separate full bar area, bowling alley, arcade and laser tag. We got our card full of "tickets" and went straight to my favorite arcade game skee ball!

After getting a little too competitive and working up a sweat we played through all of our tickets and headed home. We will definitely be back for some more fun because what's better than reliving some of your favorite childhood memories on date night?

We take "day of rest" for Sundays a little to literally sometimes, okay like all the time. You'll find us making an early morning trip to the Target to prepare for the week, meal prepping, some light cleaning and laundry and relaxing on the couch all day as we watch our favorite Disney World Youtube videos.  We are obsessed with Disney World and love watching videos of other people's trips as we write down what we want to see and do when we return to the "most magical place on Earth".

A new week is here and I'm ready to dominate it so we can get to the weekend again for some more fun! Like I mentioned early come back tomorrow to see the delicious and easy bruschetta and antipasto kabobs I made, here on the blog!

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